Let's harborGood for SC Flood Relief!
During this time of crisis, harborGood is proud to help match people who can directly donate goods, services, and space with victims of the SC flood. Click here to learn more
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In light of the recent flooding in SC, we have set up a network to help match people who need assistance with those willing to help.
If you're a victim or want to donate goods, services or temporary rental space, click Learn More below.
Help now by spreading the word!
For South Carolina citizens and businesses who wish to support neighbors and local businesses that have suffered during the recent flooding, please consider offering relevant goods, services or temporary use of property on scfloodrelief.harborgood.com.

There is no cost to donate goods, services or property through this special flood relief site and victims of the flooding can access these generous donations at the site above at no cost to them. This relief effort service is provided as a public service by harborGood.com.

harborGood.com is a company founded in South Carolina to support non-profit organizations through its marketplace where donors provide goods, services and rentals through listings on-line and supporters make purchases and the cash proceeds benefit causes they love. The founders of this company are honored to provide free access to this marketplace in the wake of the flooding to support those fellow South Carolinians who are suffering from the impact of these recent storms.
How can I use harborGood during the aftermath of the historic flooding in South Carolina?
If you have useful goods you can provide, list them for donation on the marketplace. Useful items might include furniture, linens, cleaning equipment, pumps, etc. Also check the wants page to see what others are seeking that you might be able to provide.

If you can perform valuable services, list them for donation on the marketplace. Can you provide rides to people who have lost their transportation? Can you care for someone’s pet in your home for families who have been displaced? Can you provide home cooked meals? Are you willing to help clean up someone’s home or place of business? List these services on the marketplace. Check the wants page to see what else flood victims are seeking.

If you have a spare bedroom, or spare office or other storage space that you could provide to neighbors and local businesses in need, list them on the marketplace. Check the wants page for space needs as well!

The price for your goods, services & rentals will automatically be set to zero to reflect your desire to give the item freely to a flood victim during this time of crisis when we come together to help our community recover.

If you are a victim of the recent flooding, check the special scfloodrelief.harborgood.com marketplace to see if there are things or services or temporary space you can use that others have donated to help you in your time of need. If you do not see what you are looking for, post a want to let others know what you are seeking.

Help spread the love! Please let others know about this marketplace by sending them the special url scfloodrelief.harborgood.com so they can donate or get the help they need.

Together our community will recover from the floods and emerge proud of what we do to help each other.